Hosted Exchange

Secure Exchange Hosting from CTSS through our Gold partnership with AppRiver/Microsoft 365, gives you fast, reliable and spam-protected email on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.



Whether you are purchasing a new PC or repairing an existing one, the CTSS Management Team and Technicians are here to help!


Help Desk

Our remote support Help Desk provides an efficient way to provide you with immediate support. It’s convenient, safe and fast.


CTSS offers customized IT Business Plans to match your business goals.  We provide: remote monitoring for servers/workstations, server/workstation installations, reliable cloud hosted email, offsite backups, and remote access for employees.  Give us a call today; Our number is 703-360-5552 and we look forward to hearing from you!

Disaster Recovery

We can customize and manage a backup solution to fit your company’s needs.  In the event of a disaster (natural disaster, ransomware, or hardware failure)  we can bring you back in business faster.


Individuals and Home Users


Repairing your Computer or Laptop

Has your computer started running slowly? Are you getting strange pop-up messages and ads? Does your internet browser take you to a different page than the one you selected? Do you have other problems with programs not opening or frequent error messages? Whether you are struggling with hardware or software problems, bring your computer to us and we will help!

Our technicians will use our tools to scan your PC and evaluate its condition and the cause of the problems. If you have malicious software or adware we will clean them off and ensure your security updates are installed and working. If necessary, we can wipe your computer clean and re-install your operating system or software, provided we can access all the necessary information. When we evaluate the condition of your PC we will also provide information about whether we recommend repairing it, or replace it with a newer machine that is equipped for today’s software and internet needs.

All service provided on workstations brought into our store will have a minimum of a ½ hour of labor charged for diagnostics and repair. To ensure that you retain control of your costs, any service beyond one hour of labor (including the ½ hr minimum) will not be performed until you, the client, have specifically approved that we continue. Give us a call today at 703-360-5552 with any questions or drop off your computer for service M-F 8:30-5pm.

*Note: When bringing a laptop in for service, please be sure to bring your power cord with it. If bringing in a desktop, only the CPU/tower unit needs to be brought in. The monitor does not need to be brought in unless it is a part of the computer malfunction.


Purchasing a PC

Do you need a new computer? Have you wondered what kind you need? What version of windows is best for you? What software programs should you purchase or how to transfer your existing files /data? Many of our clients have these questions, and we would be glad to help you get the answers! Our representative will talk with you to learn about your normal usage and needs and provide a quote that is customized just for you. As a premier partner with Dell, we can provide competitive pricing for an order that is customized to give you exactly what you need.


Setting up a New PC, Printer, Scanner, Wireless Network, or other Devices and Software

When you purchase a new PC, it is important to ensure that your data is protected against malicious software and attacks. Whether you order the PC through CTSS or on your own, we can help you get your new PC up and running by installing software such as anti-virus protection, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and more. Call us today and schedule a time to bring your computer by and get it ready to go.


CTSS installs and maintains servers/networks for numerous clients throughout the D.C. metro area including Virginia and Maryland. We provide 24×7 monitoring with unmatched preventive service via our thorough monthly maintenance checkups. Our goal is to ensure that you stay up and running so that you can meet YOUR client needs! Whether you want to secure and manage your existing server or work with our expert team to help you design and install a new network we are here to help!  Please contact us today for a free onsite consultation!


We have solutions for you! We can manage your complete network configuration of firewall, switches, routers, VPN, and additional network equipment. Whether you need a one-time repair, or you are looking for a comprehensive network support solution, CTSS will take the time to learn what your business needs are and provide a customized service solution that will help you maintain optimum network security.  Contact us today!


Whether you are purchasing a new PC or repairing an existing one, the CTSS team is here to help!  We ensure all existing programs and devices are compatible with any new hardware to provide a smooth installation.


CTSS offers printer maintenance and support to keep your printers in optimum condition. Whether you need a one-time repair for a printer problem, or you are interested in a long-term contract that includes semi-annual visits for preventive maintenance, we can help you protect your investment and extend equipment life by ensuring your machines are well cared for and running smoothly. Give us a call at 703-360-5552 to request service or a customized maintenance contract quote.

3CX Communications Systems

As a 3CX partner, we design and build custom PBX systems which allow your employees to work remotely through the use of smartphone apps or directly from a browser.  Did we mention savings?  Our tailored 3CX systems can save you up to 80% on your existing communication system.  Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and demo!

CTSS is a Gold partner with Microsoft’s 365 leading North American distributor, Appriver .  We provide competitive pricing and service for MS365 and other cloud-hosted solutions. When you choose CTSS as your provider for 365 we work with you to customize your 365 Email.  We can help setup Outlook, Group Calendars, Archives and Shared Contacts.  Need help setting up libraries and file access in Sharepoint/Onedrive?  How about assistance using Lync/Skype for business?  Contact us for the answer to these and other 365 questions!